Expert 24/7/365 Food Safety Services Across the United States

Listeria, salmonella, e coli prevention, sanitation and emergency cleanup.

Sterling Operating Systems, Inc. is one of the most trusted names in food safety in the United States. We have an unsurpassed reputation for advanced cleanup and prevention techniques that started when we handled one of this country’s most publicized salmonella outbreaks, and continues to this day. We provide streamlined solutions — from custom sanitation programs to comprehensive construction — with unmatched speed and sensitivity. Our work has made us the go-to for food processing plants, breweries, large retailers, hospitals, schools and government facilities across the country.

Food safety is our top priority. Listeria, salmonella and e coli prevention has evolved considerably in the last decade. Our technicians are continually trained and cross-trained, so they’re able to spot issues and potential hazards across the board — issues that others may miss. Whether you’re looking for a pro-active prevention program or have an acute situation that needs immediate resolution, Sterling Operating systems works tirelessly to minimize business interruption and produce exceptional results.

We deliver a plan of action, thorough estimates, and a direct contact person every step of the way. We understand that every second counts when it comes to your cleanup and our goal is the same as yours: To get you up and running with as little down time and expense as possible.

Sterling Operating System offers training, consultation, sanitation and food safety programs, state and federal audit preparation, 24/7/365 emergency response and complete construction services. See what Sterling Operating Systems can do for you or get in touch.