About Sterling Operating Systems

Trusted food safety testing, sanitation and construction solutions

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Sterling Operating Systems, Inc. offers comprehensive food safety solutions to clients throughout the U.S. We set the standard for advanced technologies and techniques, and have become the trusted resource for salmonella, listeria and e coli food safety testing, prevention and elimination.

Our mission is to serve as a streamlined, single source. This means doing whatever it takes to keep clients out of the danger zone, including food safety testing, customized prevention programs, start-to-finish construction, and emergency cleanups. Our clients count on us to handle their service with the professionalism, expertise and discretion that have always been the hallmark of our company.

Currently, Sterling Operating Systems, Inc. holds annual contracts with several major food manufacturers, ready-to-eat retailers, industrial companies, drug and medical device manufacturers and government groups. We also work extensively with food processing plants (meat packing industry, beef processing plants, poultry and produce processing), breweries and many others.