Complete Food Safety Solutions

Your partners from prevention to cleanup and construction

Whether you’re looking for a pro-active maintenance program or have an immediate food safety emergency, Sterling is here to help. We know that your bottom line, your daily operations and your reputation are all impacted by your choices. We’re here to help you make smart, proactive food safety decisions today that will serve you for years into the future.

Our project managers have more than sixty years of combined project management experience, and our highly-trained technicians are second to none. We invest in ongoing education and extensive cross training so that our techs are able to resolve specific issues, as well as target potential problems in other areas. Time and time again, our customers report that this expertise has helped them avoid unexpected hazards — hazards that other may easily miss.

We work in all areas of the food processing industry including meat packing and beef processing, poultry and produce as well as with brewery companies, national retailers, government entities and many others. Services are all provided with complete OSHA and FDA food safety compliance and include:

Preventative food safety maintenance and sanitation solutions

We provide custom sanitation programs that can save you thousands in costly cleanups. We recently developed a nationwide drain-cleaning program for a large retailer, complete with a custom phone App to manage the details and keep everything on track.

Testing, inspection, food safety courses and training

We work with your team to address any areas of concerns and develop a cost-effective, manageable action plan. We create custom food safety courses with comprehensive written materials and on-site training so that the program is executed consistently and effectively.

Pre-audit preparation assistance

Prepare for inspections and audits with Sterling at your side.

Emergency cleanup and decommissioning

In the event of a food safety emergency, no one gets the job done faster than Sterling Operating Systems. We offer complete industrial cleanup services including re-start preparation for equipment and facilities, construction barriers, negative pressure engineering, hazard management and “wet jet” hydro-powered surface cleaning.

Start-to-finish construction solutions

In addition to giving you a single point of contact, working with us ensures that construction is completed with full OSHA and FDA compliance and coordinates seamlessly with all aspects of your cleanup. This means you’re back up and running faster, with less business interruption and no budget surprises. Construction expertise includes:

  • Fire/water damage rebuild
  • Environmental/biological hazard cleanup within full negative pressure enclosures
  • Construction barriers, negative pressure engineering
  • “Wet jet” hydro-powered surface cleaning
  • Demolition, floor removal and rebuild

Contact us to set a course for food safety with Sterling Operating Systems solutions.